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Putting the Children First

Divorce is hard for everyone. However, when children are involved, it is important to put their needs first. At Kopper, Morgan & Dietrich, we work with parents to help them find child custody and visitation arrangements that work in the best interest of the children. With over 30 years of experience, our attorneys are skilled at finding solutions that take everyone’s needs into account. We work with families in Davis and Woodland and throughout Yolo, Sacramento, and Solano Counties in California. Contact us online or call 530-758-0757 to schedule your appointment.

Understanding Parenting Plans

When we are determining child custody and visitation arrangements, it is important to consider the age of the children and their specific developmental needs. We strive to create a plan that allows the children to bond with both parents. When it is necessary, we work with marriage counselors and therapists to facilitate the communication that is necessary in a family. We represent clients in all aspects of child custody matters, including:

  • Paternity: We represent either parent in paternity testing. The purpose is to determine who the parents are and whether they will provide support or have contact with the child. Generally, blood tests must be completed within two years of birth.
  • Adoption: We represent clients in stepparent adoptions and in independent adoptions, if something has already been worked out. We defend the parental rights of the new parent and terminate parental rights of the biological parent. We will also assist you with surrogacy contracts.
  • Modification of Custody: A modification of the child custody arrangement may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including when one parent is going to move away. We can help with interstate custody matters as well as international custody matters under the Hague Convention. We have also handled complex international child abduction cases.
  • Parental Alienation: In cases where there has been parental alienation or alignment with one parent, we will help to determine the causes of the alienation and find ways to restore communication between parent and child.

Attorney Tip

Courts now have to consider the testimony of a child who is 14 years or older in all custody decisions. If you have older children, it may be best to obtain information about their preferences before participating in custody modification proceedings.

We are committed to helping families create a custody and visitation plan that supports the needs of the children and fosters good relationships with both parents.

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