Family Law Mediation

Mediation is an inexpensive method to resolve dissolution actions. It has the advantage of reducing conflict and promoting cooperation, which helps retain healthy family relationships after divorce. In mediation, instead of each party hiring his or her own attorney, the parties to a divorce hire one attorney who serves as a neutral facilitator. As part of mediation, each party is required to disclose all information about income, debts, and assets; and sometimes it is also necessary to hire actuaries, accountants, or appraisers to help with valuing and dividing the assets and debts. Everything discussed in mediation is confidential, except that the final written agreement reached in mediation may be entered as a court order.Our firm’s approach to mediation is to schedule the mediation sessions at regular intervals and make certain the parties are progressing toward completing their divorce. Our attorneys encourage each of the parties to a mediation to retain his or her own lawyer to consult about the progress of mediation to make sure the mediation is producing a balanced result.


There are many options when considering a divorce. Learn more about Family Law Mediation services from Kopper, Morgan & Dietrich.

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